Superintendent’s Page - February 2018

The Goat lives again!

Thanks to the efforts of our new editorial team, Frank Wilhelm (Editor), Alan Ashton (Past-editor and co-editor), and Mike Tietz (co-editor), the Division 5 newsletter, a/k/a The Goat, has resumed publication with Volume 21, No. 1 for January to March, 2018. I have 2 requests for members of the Division that will help The Goat become again a real added value to our NMRA membership:

First, please contribute your news or expertise to future issues. A valuable contribution does not need to be as extensive and significant as Alan Ashton’s superb article on making deciduous tree armatures that is contained in Volume 21, No. 1. Nor does it need to be a multi-part primer on using glulams to build a FreemoN module, such as the editor has included. For example, my own contribution is a technical note containing 3 paragraphs (245 words) and 2 pictures on a very simple topic: running a turntable with a decoder.  In this case (and contrary to Bob Dylan’s use of the phrase) “it’s all good.” The deadline for Volume 21, No. 2 is March 15. Contact the editor at

Second, if you know of another NMRA member who lives “off the grid” without e-mail, please print a copy of The Goat and share it with him or her.

Welcome to our new Achievement Program Co-Chair, Joel Goldberg, MMR

The executive committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Joel Goldberg, MMR, of Big Fork, MT, as co-chair for the Achievement Program. He joins Phillip Everett, MMR, in this task. Joel holds MMR #458, and came to the PNR from the North Central Region, where he served as Model Contest Chair for several years. He is a retired electronics professor. Joel has agreed to serve as AP co-chair to provide his fellow Montana modelers with a more local source of support for their AP program efforts. You may contact him at

Happy railroading!

Bill Fassett


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