Superintendentís Page - April 2017

The division annual meeting was held in Spokane on April 8, and 23 members attended, with representation from across the division, including members from Montana, Lewiston and Clarkston, and the Tri-Cities. As always, our regional officers were represented by PNR V.P., Shirley Sample. The division now includes all of Montana, and our current rolls include upwards of 200 members. The paymaster reported a current balance of a little over $4,000.

The members approved a budget that will pay for the division to purchase display tables at the various train shows across the division, and continued a budget of $400 per year for education. This special education funding is available to any member or NMRA club for the purpose of educating youth, the general public, or members about our hobby. Requests should be made to the Superintendent and will be reviewed by the executive committee.

Superintendent Thurow announced the need to elect a new Superintendent, since he has served the maximum number of terms allowed by our by-laws. The members present elected Bill Fassett of Spokane to serve as the new Superintendent beginning September 1. Because Bill is the current Paymaster, the members elected Tim Bristow of Spokane to that position. Tim is currently serving as Clinic Chair for the PNR Convention in June.

Our continuing officers are Assistant Superintendent Bill Kleinert, from Lewiston, and Dick Smith, Chief Clerk, from Hamilton, MT. Their positions are up for election in 2018.

Speaking of the upcoming convention: We could use your help putting it on.† Also there will be other needed positions during the convention from registration desk help,† tour bus captains, and persons to help out in general. Volunteers will receive a complimentary convention shirt.


Gary Thurow, Superintendent


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