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I was talking recently with Dean Zook, NMRA member and President of the Montana Museum of Railroad History in Great Falls, and we both agreed that “scratch an NMRA member you’ll likely find a railroad history buff underneath the surface.” The 5th Division covers territory in the northwestern United States that owes most of its development and much of its past to western railroads. Many of our fellow members are also participants in various railroad historical societies, such as the Great Northern Railway Historical Society, the Milwaukee Road Historical Association, the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, and the Union Pacific Historical Society. The overlap between the work of these organizations and our hobby is significant. In December, 2 of these societies featured layouts from the 5th Division!

The Winter 2017 issue of The Mainstreeter, published by the NPRHA, features the wonderful HO layout that models the NP in Mullan Pass, created by Kirk Thompson, in an article co-authored by Thompson and NMRA member Larry Brumback (“Dr. DCC”) of Missoula.

By happy coincidence, the GNRHS includes “modelers’ pages” with each edition of The Great Northern Goat, and the December 2017 Reference Sheet M.P. 81 features another layout in Division 5: the River City Western operated by the River City Modelers.

If you’re not a member of either of these societies, you can order individual copies of their publications from their websites. I have found that my own membership in historical societies is both interesting and greatly reinforces my enjoyment of our hobby.


Bill Fassett


Brumback L, Thompson K. Over Mullan Pass in HO scale. The Mainstreeter 2017 (Winter); 36(4): 4-11.

Middleton KR. Model Layout Feature: The River City Western. GNRHS Modelers’ Pages No. 81, 2017 (December); M.P. 81: 8-13.

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