Superintendent’s Page - September 2017

September 1 marks the beginning of the 5th Division’s “year,” and the transfer of responsibility and opportunity to a new set of officers and committee chairs. I’m looking forward to serving as your Superintendent for the next 2 years, and want to begin by inviting every member of the Division to help me and our officers to do the best job we can in service to the Division.

The Executive Committee (Bill Kleinert, Dick Smith, Tim Bristow, and me) met on September 15 in Missoula, following the very successful Missoula Train Show earlier that day. We agreed to an agenda for 2017-18 that we hope will invigorate the Division and add value to your membership in the NMRA. Our efforts will be guided by the following commitment:

Every member of the Division should receive value from his or her membership in NMRA, no matter where he or she lives in the Division, or whether he or she belongs to a club.

At the outset of the 2017-18 year, our plans include the following:

· The annual business meeting in April should be rotated among different cities within the Division, not held every year in Spokane. We have extended an invitation to a club outside of Spokane to host the business meeting next April, and will notify all members promptly when the location is finalized.

· At least 3 Mini-Meets should be held in 2018. Any group of Division members who would like to propose their town or region for a Mini-Meet next spring, summer, or fall - please contact me.

· The Division has funding to support stand-alone clinics. The Division has budgeted funds to support educational efforts throughout the Division. Anyone who believes they can gather a group of interested members for a one-off clinic (that is, a stand-alone clinic offered once to a group, not part of another meeting or Mini-Meet) should contact me or one of the executive committee members. Funding can be used to defray travel costs for the clinician, who can come from anywhere in the Division.

· The Goat needs to resume publication. Our goal is to publish the Goat quarterly again, with the first issue (Sep-Oct-Nov 2017) coming out at the end of November. I am engaged in discussions currently with a possible editor, but if any member wishes to volunteer, contact me promptly.

We will be asking each club in the Division, whether all-NMRA or not, to identify a Division member who will serve as liaison to the Goat publishing committee, and submit, at least twice a year, news items concerning the club’s activities, or other articles of interest to the readers of the Goat.

· Committee chairs need to be recruited, and supported. We will shortly be sending out an invitation to all Division members to nominate themselves or another to serve as a committee chair: Education, Membership, and Achievement Program. The Executive Committee promises to support the chairs actively.

· The Executive Committee will be an active team. The Executive Committee will be communicating with each other monthly, via Skype, on the 2nd Monday at 10:00 am Pacific Time. Committee chairs will be asked to participate as needed, and any member who wishes to sit in on the Skype call should let me know.


Bill Fassett


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