Superintendentís Page - October, 2022

The Divisionís new year began on September 1, with the 2022-2023 officers assuming their duties. Based on the election in April, Bill Voogd of Spokane was reelected as Assistant Superintendent, and Dan Figy of Spokane was elected to serve as Chief Clerk. Dick Smith of Hamilton, MT, and yours truly will continue their term in 2023.

Most recently, the Division leadership was reminded that the 5th Division will be hosting the PNR Convention in 2025, and it is time to begin planning for that event. The officers have appointed Bill Fassett of Spokane to serve as Convention Chair. Watch your email for an opportunity to take part in the convention planning committee and to make recommendations on the location of the convention.

We learned that Jimís Junction in Billings - the largest model railroad store in eastern Montana for over 40 years - will be continuing operation under new management as RIMROCK HOBBIES. Liam Dunne is the new owner. See the Hobby Shop page for contact information.

Bill Voogd and I were in attendance at the Spokane Model Train Show on October 9, and were happy to see large crowds of eager enthusiasts at the show. We maintained the booth for Division 5 and talked to a fair number of people about NMRA and the joys of model railroading. Bill Voogd evaluated a Free-mo module for the Golden Spike Award and enrolled a new NMRA member.

We were saddened to hear that Milt Snyder, of Spokane, passed away on September 20. He was 91 and had been an active member of River City Modelers.

Just a reminder - the Division continues to emphasize the Achievement Program, and we are willing to visit your layout to do an evaluation. Contact Bill Fassett (see Achievement Program page) or any officer.

I hope you all are ready to enjoy the late fall and winter months and, for many of us, the resumption of our modeling activities in earnest.

As always, let me or your other officers know if we can help you enjoy the most from your NMRA membership!

Peter Armstrong


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